Snake boat races in Alappuzha, kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Ernakulam districts, in Kerala

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Snake boat races in Alappuzha (Alleppey) Kerala, India

nehru trophy boat race

nehru trophy snakeboat race.Photo by M T Cherian

Snake Boat race is stated to be the sport event having the highest number of members in a single team. Usually, a snake boat is manned by four helmsmen, 25 cheerers /singers and 100-125 oarsmen, who row in unison to the fast rhythm of `vanchipattu'or boatmen's song.
The snake-boats, it is said, have its origins in Alappuzha with a history of over 400 years when kings of erstwhile Chempakasseri (Ambalappuzha), Kayamkulam, Thekkumkoor (Changanassery), and Vadakkumkoor (Kottayam) fought battles on these boats in the backwaters of Kuttanad.

Champakulam moolam boat race july 1st 2015

Evoor samkranthi boat race july 17th 2015

Nehru trophy boat race august 2015

Pachalam boat race August 15th
Champakar boat race august 16 th

Panangad boat race august 23
pullinkunnu boat race august 23 2015
Neeretupuram pamba boat race August 27 2015
Tripayar boat race August 28th 2015

kumarakom kavanar boat race august 29th
payipaad boat race august 29th
kandashakadavu boat race august 29th
kanneti boat race august 30
kumarakom chatyam boat race august 30

karuvatta boat race august 30
aranmula boat race august 31 st 2015
pavaratty boat race august 31st 2015
pallana boat race september 3 rd 2015
kottayam tazhangadi boat race September 5th 2015
thuruthypuram boat race september 6th 2015
kottapuram boat race september 13th 2015
gothuruthu boat race september 20th 2015
north paravoor boat race September 27th 2015
kollam kallada boat race September 27 2015
kollam presidents trophy November 1 2015
Kayamkulam boat race November 5-7 2015
Mother teresa boat race
Chatayam boat race

Schedule of races for 2015 <<<Click

Snake boat racing season schedule 2014

champakulam moolam snake boat race 11th july 2014

nehru trophy boat race August 2014
pullinkunnu snake boat race last week of august

September 8th 2014
Chatayam snake boat race september 8th 2014
Malakkara Avittom snakeboat race September 8th 2014

September 9th 2014
payipad snake boat race september 7 8 9 2014

September 10 th 2014
karuvatta snake boat race september 10th 2014
Aranmula uttratathi snake boat race September 10 2014

September 14th 2014
Thazhathangadi boat race 2014 115th edition

pallana kumaran ashan snake boat race 2014

mother teresa memorial snake boat race

mahatma gandhi boat race mannar september 11th 2014
neerattupuram mammen mapillai trophy snake boat race 2014 ( postponed to september 20)

Rajiv Gandhi Trophy Boat Race september 27th 2014

kayamkulam boat race (may not be conducted this year 2014)
President's Trophy Boat Race Novemebr 1 2014

The snake boat racing season in Alappuzha district begins in June/july.
Apart from chundan the following categories of boats take part in these races
Chundan vallam( snake boats)
Churulan boats ( vallam)
Odi boats ( vallam)
veppu boats (vallam)
click to view the snake boat gallery

Archive snake boat racing season 2013

Champakulam moolam boat race June 23 rd 2013
won by shree ganesh snake boat
karkadaka sankrama boat race ( ritualistic boat race ) july 17th 2013

Nehruthrophy boat race august 2013

Sreenarayana Jayanthi Boat Race August 22nd 2013
mannar mahatma boat race september 14th 2013
neerettupuram pamba boat race september 15th 2013
Kavanattinkara Tourism Boat Race September 17th 2013
payipad boat race september 2013 16- race on 18 th
Karuvatta boat race on September 19th 2013
Aranmula uttratathi snake boat race September 20 2013
kumaranasan memorial pallana snake boat race september 22 nd 2013
Thazhathangady Kottayam Boat Race 114th edition at the Thazhathangady River september 28th 2013

guru chenganuur trophy chatayam boat race september 29th 2013
click to view the snake boat gallery

Important Snake boat races in Kerala
Snake boat racing season schedule 2012

Champakulam Moolam snake boat race july 3rd 2012 completed
Nehru Trophy August 9 to 11 2012 completed

Rajiv Gandhi Trophy boat race, Pulikunnu ,August 18, 2012 ( cancelled due to legal issues)
Kandassankadavu Jalolsavam in trissur district ( completed)

Kayamkulam Boat Race will be held on August 25 (completed)
Mannar Mahatma Gandhi Boat Race will be held on August 26 ( completed)

56th Pampa Nereetupuram snake boat race 2012 on august 28th and 29th 2012
Kandassankadavu Boat Race held at the Kanoli canal
Kavanattinkara Tourism Boat Race
santhosh trophy boat race chennithala August 30 2012
Payippad (Haripad) boat race August 31 2012
Kottayam Boat Race 113th at the Thazhathangady River August 31st 2012
chenganuur chatayam boat race
Karuvatta boat race on September 1st 2012
Aranmula uttratathi snake boat race September 2 2012
Piravom boat race september 7 th 2012
Muziris race on september 8th 2012
Gothuruth boat race on September 23 rd 2012
Kurankotta island boat race near Pachalam
President's cup snake boat race november 1st 2012

houseboats kerala alappuzha kumarakom


Snake boat racing season schedule 2011

Champakulam Moolam snake boat race July 14 th 2011
Nehru trophy boat race August 13th 2011
Rajeev Gandhi trophy Boat Race pullinkunnu Augut 21st 2011
Kayamkulam Boat Race August 27 2011
President's Trophy Boat Race kollam : August 30 2011
Mannar Mahatma snake boat race : September 4th 2011

onam festival season
Payipad snake boat race (jalolsavam) september 9 , 10, race on 11th 2011
Pampa Nereetupuram snake boat race September 9 2011
Chengannur erapuzha chatayam boat race september 11 2011
Karuvatta snake boat race september 12, 2011

Aranmula uttrathathi snake boat race September 14th 2011
Goshalakrishna snake boat race September 16th september 2011
kallada snake boat race kollam October 6th 2011

2010 boat racing season details
Champakulam moolam boat race (June 26th 2010)

Nehru trophy boat race (August 14th 2010) the most popular boat race in India
Rajiv Gandhi Trophy Boat Race
at Pulinkunnu (August 21st 2010 )
Mannar Mahatma Boat Race August 22 2010 (August 30 2009 )
Neerattupuram Pamba Boat Race (August 23 2010
Payipad Boat Race: . Payippad Jalolsavam ( August 23, 24, 25, 2010 )
Tourism boat race kottayam
Chengannur Erapuzha Chatayam boat race (August 25th 2010)
Karuvatta Boat Race (August 26th 2010)
Aranmula Uthrittadi boat race august 27th 2010
Kayamkulam boat race ( 4th saturday of august every year) 28th August 2010
Thazhathangadi (kottayam) boat race ( August 29 , 2010)
Mahakavi Kumaranasan Smaraka Jalolsavam at Pallana (August 29 , 2010)
Goshala Krishna boat race august 30 2010
Mother Teresa Trophy Boat race:

Santhosh Trophy boat race
Kallada Boat Race, kollam (41st edition september 19th 2010)

Kumarakom-Arpookara Vanitha Jalamela,

Indira Gandhi Boat Race,on the Ernakulam Lake during the Cochin Carnival in the last week of December.

Snake Boat races 2007






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