Palliyodams (snake boats)

Palliyodams (snake boats)

Palliyodam means boat of Lord Parthasarathy, presiding deity of the centuries-old Sree Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula. Aranmula palliyodams are unique in their shape and structure. The boats are equal in length at the front, centre and rear. Only the central portion touches the water. palliyodams whose length is 110 metre and above are called A batch palliyodams and the ones with length to 80 to 90 metre belong to the B batch.

palliyodam snakeboat

29.Nedumprayar palliyodam

30.Nellickal palliyodam

31.Othera palliyodam

32.Poovathur East

33.Poovathur West


35.Ranni palliyodam

36.Thekkemuri palliyodam

37.Thottapuzhassery palliyodam

38.Thymaravumkara palliyodam

39.Umayattukara palliyodam

40.Vanmazhi palliyodam

41.Venpala palliyodam

42.Melukara palliyodam

43.Thekkemuri palliyodam

44.Thekkemuri-East palliyodam

45.Othera-Kunnekattu palliyodam

46.Mepram-taimavukara palliyodam

47. Thripprayar paliyodam. .

Palliyodam snake boats

Vallasadya. A ceremonial feast offered by the devotees in thanksgiving for favours received ... ..

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