Valla sadya (ashtami rohini) Sree parthasarathy temple aranmula, Kerala,India

Valla sadya

valla sadya is a mass feast which includes 64 varities of dishes including fried items and sweet dishes including ambalapuzha palpayasam, given by devotees of Lord krishna the presiding deity of Aranmula Sree parthasarathy temple, to the crew/ rowers of palliyodams ( a unique kind of snake boat) which they consider as the divine vessel of Lord krishna

who offers Valla sadya

Valla sadya is conducted by devotees as an offering ( vazhipadu) to the diety.
A number of well known personalities in different fields of society in India routinely offer valla sadhya as an offering. Dr K J Yesudas , well known malayalam singer, Sreeshanth , indian cricketer, suresh gopi  mp and film actor, Parvathy omanakuttan, former miss india, Prithviraj, a leading malayalam film actor are some of the personalities who have offered valla sadhyas in the past. . .

ashtami rohini vallasadya

Ashtami rohini valla sadya; The valla sadhya on ashtami rohini or Sree Krishna Janmashtami day (birth day of Lord krishna) August 18th 2022 is considered special.
As many as 52 palliyodams take part in the feast. Food is offered to around 40- 50, 000 people on that day at the Ootupura ( a large dining hall) .
As per tradition around 1,000 litres of specially prepared curd will be brought from Chenappady in Kottayam district.
How to book a vallasadya?
Devotees who wish to offer a Vallasadya should submit applications to a Palliyodakkara that owns a palliyodam snakeboat. Once it accepts the request, they should book the Vallasadya at the Palliyoda Seva Sangham office of TDB office, Aranmula.
The palliyoda seva sangham (PSS) organises the valla sadyas . devotees could book their Vallasadya Vazhipadu (offering) at the PSS office in front of the Parthasarathy Temple .
Phone number for booking valla sadhya at aranmula PSS office: 0468-223931, 8281113010
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vallasadya palliyodams

Some important palliyodams are, Punnanhottom, Edasserimala-East, Koipram, Poovathoor-West, Venpala, Umayattukara, Varayannoor, Thottappuzhassery, Maramon, Thekkemuri, Thekkemuri-East, Thaimaravumkara, and Laka-Edayaranmula,   to know more  about palliyodams  click here 

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vallasadya news

Latest Vallasadya season starts on 5th august 2022.
Persons may book coupons for Vallasadya through the helpline No: 82811 13010 or may purchase coupons from the PSS office.  

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