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Champakulam Moolam Boat race at Champakulam , Alappuzha (Alleppey) Kerala state, India

Champakulam Boat Race, Kerala is a traditional and annual snake boat race of Kerala. Champakulam Boat Race is conducted on the moolam nakshtram or star in the month of mithunam on the holy river pamba. Its one of the oldest and the most significant snake boat races in Kerala has history dating back to 1545 A.D and it directly associated with the Sree Krishna Temple at Ambalappuzha. The race is about 450 plus years old..

The winner team is presented the rajapramukhan trophy.

Champakulam moolam boat race 2017 held  on 8th july 2017 winner ayaparambu pandi chundan

Champakulam moolam boat race on June 20 2016

Champakulam moolam boat race will be held on july 1st 2015
champakulam moolam boat race will be held on July 11th 2014

snake boat racing schedule for 2015

How to reach the venue:

Champakulam is 13 kms from kalarcode junction ( close to alappuzha town) towards changanacherry and 16 kilometers from perunna towards alappuzha along AC road.


route map to champakulam moolam boat race venue ( not to scale)

champakulam moolam boat race route map

2013 : champakulam moolam boat race was held on June 23rd 2013
2012: champakulam moolam boat race was held on July 3rd 2012
2011: champakulam boat race july 14 th 2011click for details
2011 boat race schedule click


Past results
2010 Champakulam Moolam boat race
June 26th 2010 - Results

Eight chundans ( snake boats )participated in the race in the chundan category
Karichal chundan (snake boat ) won the Champakulam Boat Race held on June 26 th 2010 and lifted the Rajapramukhan trophy.
Second place , Sreevinayakan Chundan ( snake boat) rowed by Kumarakom boat club
Third place, Sree ganesh Chundan ( snake boat) rowed by Kavalam Boat club Karumadikuttan
Losers Final
Jawahar tayangari chundan (snake boat)
Champakulam chundan ( snake boat)
karuvatta chundan ( snake boat)

Second losers final

Valiya dewanji chundan ( snake boat)

Churulan category results
Vengayil puthenveedu

Odi A grade

Veppu A grade
Ambala Kadavan
Punnatra vengazhi
jay shot

Veppu B grade
Punnathra purakkal

Odi B grade
jala Rani

Odi B grade losers
St sebastian (1)

St sebastian (2)

Veppu A grade losers


2009 Chamapakulam moolam snake boat race
date: 6th july 2009- Results

Nine chundan snake boats participated.

Champakulam chundan rowed by the Jesus Boat Club (JBC), Kollam won ,the historic Champakulam Moolam Boat Race to lift the Raja Pramukhan trophy Payipad chundan rowed by Kainakary United Boat Club, Alappuzha were runners up.
Srivinayakan chundan, rowed by the Punnamada Boat Club, Alappuzha, finished third.
Karichal chundan snake boat kollam rowed by atl club

kalluparamban chundan snake boat rowed by st george boat club amachakari

Payipad chundan snake boat rowed by kainakari u b c

Ayaparambu Valiyadeewanji chundan snake boat rowed by Lourde matha sports club chenakary

Chambakulam chundan snake boat rowed by kollam jesus boat club

Nadumbhagam chundan snake boat rowed by Nadumbhagam boat club nedumudi

Jawahar tayangari chundan snake boat rowed by devamatha boat club

Sree vinayakan chundan snake boat rowed by punnamada boat club alappuzha


The Pattara Chundan, rowed by Kumarakom Town Boat Club (KTBC) won the Champakulam Moolam Boat Race 2008 held on the Pampa River.

Sree Ganesh Chundan rowed by the Town Boat Club, Alappuzha, came second.

Karichal Chundan rowed by the Star Boat Club, Pallathuruthy, won the losers's final.


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St mary's forane church champakulam








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