St george Puthen chundan snake boat

belongs to The Changankary Nadubhagam Christian Union . Launched in july 2014.

Built by master craftsman Changankary Venu Achary, the grandson of Padmanabhan Achary.

technical spceifications:

700 cubic feet of wood of wood was used. the boat has a length of 52.25 ‘kol' (1 kol = 72 cm) and a width of 52 ‘angula' (1 angula = 3 cm). The boat can hold 91 oarsmen, five helmsmen and seven singers.




The first and old St. George ‘chundan vallam' was built in 1956 under the leadership of craftsman Padmanabhan Achary. It had been named after the saint of St. George Forane Church in Edathua .

It won the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in the year 1964 , it was rowed by the United Boat Club, Kainakary.








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