Nehru Trophy snake boat race 2022 alappuzha kerala india

Nehru trophy snake boat race 2022

Location: Punnamda backwaters alappuzha district.
68th edition of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race (NTBR)  held at Punnamada Lake on september 4 2022
77 boats including 20 chundan vallams ( snake boats) will participate.
snake boats heats
heats 1.
track 1. ayaparambu pandi (KBCSBC kumarakom)
karuvatta ( karuvatta jalolsava samithi)
alapadan puthan  ( town boat club kuttanad)
champakulam police boat club alappuzha  captain saju jacob
heats 2
track 1.  cheruthana (freedom boat club kollam)
           valiya deewanji  ( valiya dewnji boat club)
          mahadevikadu kattil thekkethil (pallaturuthy boat club) captain santhosh chacko
           anari  (village boat club kainakary)

heats 3

track 1.  vellamkulangara (st george boat club thekekara)
              Karichal (UBC kainakary)
               karuvatta srivinayakan (st pious tenth boat club mankombu)
              payippaan (vembanad boat club kumarakom)

Heats 4
track 1        devas ( village boat club edathua)
           st george ( town boat club alappuzha)
          niranam chundan (niranam boat club thiruvalla)
           sree mahadevan (UBC  venattukadu chathurthiakary)

heats 5
jawahar thayankari  (samudra boat club kumarakom)
veeyapuram  ( punnamada boat club) captain: joshi varghese
nadubhagam (NCDC boat club, kumarakom)  captain narayanan n
st pious tenth (kumarakom town boat club kumarakom)





The race is held in four main categories Chundan : Is the lord of the race. It can accomodate about 100 oarsmen who can produce 90 to 120strokes per minute, the 100 foot chundan can cover a distance of 1.4 kms in about 5 minutes. The first design of a chundan was submitted by Kodupunna Venkitanarayanan Asari . Because of the eel like structure these boats are called snake boats by foreigners Churulan Iruttukuthi Veppu. . .

Nehru trophy results 2022

Chundan snake boat category : Winner Nehru Trophy 2022 maha devikad kattil thekkethil chundan rowed by pallathuruthy boat club
Eruttukuthy A grade: moonu thaikkal
Eruttukuthy B Grade: thuruthipuram
Eruttukuthy C Grade: gothuruthu
Veppu A Grade: manali
Veppu B Grade: chiramel thottukadavan
Churulan: kodimatha
Thekkan odi (women) Kettuvallam:
. .... .


In 1952 the then prime minister of India Shri Jawaharlal Nehru on his visit to kerala took the water route from Kottayam to Alappuzha. A race was organised in his honour. The victor of the race was Nadumbaghom chundan. Nehru was so excited seeing the race that he leapt on to the boat and congratulated the winners. .

The Nehru trophy

Later that year he send a token of his appreciation - a miniature silver chundan
mounted on a ebony case. The plaque on the trophy bears the following inscription above his
signature " To the winners of the boat race which is a unique feature of community life in
Travancore - CochinThere after the event became an annual feature named prime minister's trophy boat race and is
held on the second saturday of August every year. After nehru's death it was renamed as Nehru Trophy