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Ambalappuzha temple >> pallipana

‘pallipana’, a rare ritual which is observed once in 12 years.The pallipana is being observed after 12 ‘panthrandu kalabham’ ritual. Every year, the ‘panthrandu kalabham’ will be observed from Makaram (Malayalam month) 1 to 12. After 12 ‘panthrandu kalabham’, the pallipana will be observed.






The velans were also classified into two ‘koothadees' and ‘pura nadees'.

The ‘koothadies' will observe ‘oothu' and the ‘pura nadees' will play the role of a comedian in the ritual.  The construction of temporary houses with coconut thatched roof has been completed in the temple.

The participants of the ritual are staying in the temporary houses. Members of six families are the heir of the ritual. Chembakassery, Koickal, Kunnankari, Eramunda, Nattassery and Ambalappuzha  are the heir to perform the ritual.




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Ambalapuzha Sree krishna temple

Mizhavu used by kunjan nambiar



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