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Jobs and placements Alappuzha (Alleppey) and Kerala, India


Main job creating sectors are coir, tourism, hospitality, banking, goverment jobs, health.
Alappuzha district has a large number of units related to coir and coir products. There are also a large number of companies involved in export of coir and sea food.
A number of jobs in educational institutions like faculty and teachers are available.
As far as jobs in information technology is concerned there is a infopark in chertala and residents of alappuzha district can look for jobs in infopark ernakulam and technopark trivandrum.
There are also a large number of jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector. You can also apply for jobs in the goverment sector of the state through the public service commission.
A large number of alappuzhites are working in the usa, europe and the gulf countries.

District employmnet exchange , kaichundi junction alappuzha 688006 ph: 0477 2235622

IT jobs in alappuzha

Recruitmrent drives for people from alappuzha district kerala

FACE recruitment drive

KPMG recruitment drive

First source recruitment drive




Kerala houseboats are to Alappuzha a.k.a. Venice of the East, what gondolas are to Venice. No trip to alappuzha is complete without taking a ride on a uniquely build traditional kerala houseboat or kettuvalom in the backwaters canals and lakes of alappuzha, in case you miss it, it would be like going to Venice and not taking a gondola ride. find more>>




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