Snake boats architects in Alappuzha (Alleppey) Kerala, India


snake boat mastercraftsmen Sri. Venu achari and sri Chellapan achari being felicitated by the chengannur chatayam jalolsava committee as part of the chatayam jalaolsavan 2011.
They are perhaps the only living mastercarftsmen in the whole world who can design and built snake boats and palliyodams.
Venu Achary, who hails from Kizhakkilath in Changankary, Edathua, is an expert in building Aranmula �palliyodams'. Mr. Achary has built 17 �palliyodams' and is constructing one more at present. The first �chundan vallam snake boat that he ahs build is the st george puthen chundan

.Sri. kozhimukku..Narayanan achary- considered a master boat architect and legend in snake boat making
.sri. Uma maheshwaran

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a chundan snake boat


a palliyodam snake boat


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