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Mannarshala nagaraja temple in Alappuzha (Alleppey) and Kerala, India

the story on the evolution of Mannarasala as the supreme place of worship of the serpent Gods is associated with Parasurama, the creator of Kerala.
Traditionally, a Brahmin woman is the chief priestess of the temple.
2018 ayilyam festival on Novemner 1 2018.

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Past festival news
Ayilyam festival on november 14th 2014
The Ayilyam ezhunnallathu (procession) was led by Uma Devi Antharjanam, the ‘Mannarasala Amma’, who carried the Nagaraja ‘thirumukham’ and ‘Nagaphanam’ from the temple to the Mannarasala illam.

Thousands of devotees participated in the three-day-long Ayilyam Mahotsavam that came to an end on nivember 14th.

offerings at mannarshala
noorum pallum ( ricepowder and milk, turmeric powder and tender coconut water)
urullu kamizththu ( for childless couples)
uruli nivarppu
palum pazhavum nivedyam
kavukungin pookulayum karikkum samarpanam

important festival is ayilyam festival

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple
Mannarasala P.O, Haripad
Alappuzha Dist, Kerala, India, PIN: 690 514
Tel +91 479 2413214

mandaram- guest houe owned by the temple
for enquiry: 0479 2417662, 2417663

mannarasala ayilyam


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