Fishing tackle equipment alappuzha district kerala

fishing tackle equipment alappuzha district

Fishing tackle is a term that refers to the equipment used by fishermen when fishing. This can include a wide variety of items, such as rods, reels, lines, hooks, lures, sinkers, floats, and bait.
It is important for a fisherman to have the right tackle for the type of fishing they are doing, as well as the type of fish they are trying to catch. The tackle used can vary depending on the fishing technique being employed, the type of water being fished, and the size and species of the fish being targeted.

 Some of the equipment used are rods, reels, hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, popping frogs, waders and tackle boxes.
Some of the well known brands are daiwa penn Shakespeare, shimano, pioneer searock, pelagic tribe, Abu Garcia, Barramagic, Caperlan,Rapala okuma, storm


fishing tackle equipment shops

ALAPPUZHA District: Anglers point cherthala ph: 83010 69156, 75103 99156. Roy al trading opp krishnas textiles vadakkekara, st george street, alappuzha -1. Roy john 95268 22441, 94475 26044.
chengannur fishing shop bethel junction behind KSRTC vijayan- 99479 78705.
choondakarante kada haripad 8089918486

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fishing tackle equipment shop

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fishing tackle equipment tips

There are many different ways to catch fish in a river, and the specific technique you should use will depend on the type of fish you are trying to catch and the conditions of the river.   Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when fishing in a river: 
Choose the right equipment: Make sure you have the appropriate rod, reel, and line for the type of fish you are targeting.  
Use the right bait: Different types of fish are attracted to different types of bait. Use the bait that is most likely to appeal to the fish you are trying to catch.  
 Pay attention to the weather: Fish tend to be more active and feed more during certain weather conditions. Look for overcast days, as the fish will be more likely to bite. 
Look for deeper pools: Fish tend to gather in deeper pools, where they can find food and shelter.  
Be patient: Fishing requires patience and persistence. Don't get discouraged if you don't catch anything right away.
Keep trying different techniques and locations until you find success. 

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fishing tackle equipment shop near by districts

KOTTAYAM DISTRICT: No.1 Fishing Nets and Tackles Kuriens road, kottayam market Anil - 94478 85963.
 Anglers friends tackles puthupally road manarcaud kottayam 94957 061 42, 97441 916 42.

 IZZA fishing tools nattakom cement junction m c road kottayam 94971 58370
ryoshi tackles whole sale and retail moscow junction mobile 8907448014 8075203598 
kollam  : quilon trading company  johns arcade oceanic road sakthikulangara kollam 691581

PATHANAMTHITTA: come on anglers fishing arena thiruvalla  phone 6235373655


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