singer: yesudas

Music director: g devrajan lyrics: Vayalar rama varma


Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichoo
Film: Achanum Bappayum
singer: yesudas
music: g devarajan
Lyrics: vayalar rama varma
winner of national award for best lyrics

Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichoo..Mathangal Daivangale Srishtichoo.. ( man created religions, religions created gods)
Manushaynum Mathangalum Daivangalum Koodi.. ( man , religion and gods together
Mannu Panku Vachu..Manassu Panku Vachu.. (are sharing the earth/land and the hearts/minds of the people.)
Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichoo..

Hinduvaayi Musalmaanaayee..Christianiyaayee.. ( man has turned into hindus, muslims and christians)
Nammale Kandaalariyaathaayee...India Branthalayamaayee.. ( We, referring to indians, have became unrecognisable, india has become a mental asylum)
Aayiramaayiram Maanava Hridayangal..Aayuda Purakalaayee.. ( thousands of human hearts have become armories)
Daivam Theruvil Marikkunnu..Chekuthaan Chirikkunnu... ( god is dying on the street, the devil is having his last laugh)
Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichoo..




Sathyamevide Soundaryamevide..Swaathanthryamevide.. ( where is truth, beauty, liberty)
Nammude..Raktha bandangalevide..Nithya Snehangalevidey.. ( what happened to our blood relations, what happened to our love)
Aayiram Yugangalil Orikkal Varaarulloru Avathaarangalevide.. ( where are the avatars (reincarnation of gods according to hindu mythology) that appear once in 1000 years)
Manushyan Theruvil Marikkunnu..Mathangal Chirikkunnu.. ( man is dying on the streets, religions are having the last laugh)
Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichoo..Mathangal Daivangale Srishtichoo..
Manushaynum Mathangalum Daivangalum Koodi..
Mannu Panku Vachu..Manassu Panku Vachu..
Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichoo



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