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Nehru trophy boat race 2017
65 th edition

2nd saturday  august 12th 2017


Winner Nehru trophy snake boat race Gabriel snake boat rowed by Thuruthipuram boat club.

First looser's final (1)Ayaparambu Pandi rowed by Daveedu Putra boat club.(2)Ayaparambu Valyadeewaanji rowed by Village boat club Edathua.(3)St.Pious X rowed by Town boat club.(4)Vellankulangara rowed by friend's boat club.

Second looser's final (1)Nadubhagam rowed by Calvary boat club.
(2)Champakulam Puthen Chundan rowed by Golgoltha boat club.(3)Anari Puthen Chundan rowed by S.H boat club.(4)Sree Ganeshan rowed by Pamba boat club.

Third looser's final (1)St.George rowed by Chepanam boat club.(2)Karuvatta Sree Vinayakan rowed by Nayambu boat club.(3)Karuvatta rowed by Navadhara boat club.

Chundan exhibition race (1)Vadakkeattupuram rowed by friend's club Punnamada .(2)Alappattu rowed by friend's boat club.(3)St.Joseph rowed by Lourde Mata boat club.

Thekkanodi thara vallom (1)Sarathy rowed by Puthuran's boat club.(2)Dewas rowed by Sangeeth boat club.(3)Kaattilthekkethil rowed by Winner's vanitha boat club.

Thekkenodi kettu vallom (1)Chellikkadan rowed by Sreevalsam vanitha boat club.(2)Kaatilthekku rowed by Winner's vanitha boat club.(3)Company rowed by Friend's vanitha boat club.

Churulan(1)Velangaadan rowed by L.B.C Kumarakom north.(2)Kodimatha rowed by Yuvajavedi boat club.

Iruttukuthi A grade (1)Munnuthaikkal rowed by Vadakkan brothers.(2)Thuruthithura rowed by Thanthonithuruthu boat club.(3)Dai number 1 rowed by Yuvadeepthi boat club.(4)Mammoodan rowed by Karumadikuttan boat club.

Iruttukuthi B grade(1)Vadakkumnathan rowed by Vadakkumnathan boat club.(2)Thuruthippuram rowed by Thuruthippuram boat club.(3)St.Sebastian number 1 rowed by Friend's boat club.

Veppu A grade (1)Chethikkadan rowed by Ente Kuttanad foundation .(2)Kottaparamban rowed by Calvary boat club.(3)Ambalakadavan rowed by Friend's boat club.(4)Jaishot Pulikathara rowed by Village boat club.

Veppu B grade (1)Chiramel Thottukadavan rowed by New drop's boat club.(2)Abraham Munnuthaikkal rowed by Sahrudaya boat club.(3)Punnathrapurackal rowed by Drisya boat club.(3)Panayakkazhippu rowed by Kummanam boat club.

65th Nehru trophy boat race to be held at Punnamada Lake in alappuzha on 12 th august 2017.
A record number of 78 boats will take part
Of the 78 boats, 24 are snakeboats, each with a carrying capacity of about 100 rowers.

Twenty snakeboats will take part in the race in five heats and four in an exhibition race. The races will be held in the afternoon.

inauguration: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at 2 p.m.

The boats that clock minimum time in the heats will take part in the final and losers’ final.. five Iruttukuthi A Grade boats, 25 Iruttukuthi B Grade boats, nine Veppu A Grade boats, six Veppu B Grade boats, and three Churulan boats.

Women will participate in the Thara and Kettuvallom categories.



The Convener, Nehru Trophy Publicity Committee, District Information Office, Civil Station, Alappuzha 688001. More information will be available on phone 0477 -2251349.







Chundan Vallam snake boat
Heats 1

heats 3

Heats 4

: In 1952 the then prime minister of India Shri Jawaharlal Nehru on his visit to kerala
took the water route from Kottayam to Alappuzha. A race was organised in his honour. The victor
of the race was Nadumbaghom chundan. Nehru was so excited seeing the race that he leapt on to
the boat and congratulated the winners.









The Trophy: Later that year he send a token of his appreciation - a miniature silver chundan
mounted on a ebony case. The plaque on the trophy bears the following inscription above his
signature " To the winners of the boat race which is a unique feature of community life in
Travancore - Cochin "

There after the event became an annual feature named prime minister's trophy boat race and is
held on the second saturday of August every year. After nehru's death it was renamed as Nehru Trophy

convener nehru trophy publiity committee
district information officecivil station alappuzha 688 001, phone: 0477 2251349
Convener, Nehru Trophy Publicity Committee, District Information Office, Civil Station, Alappuzha, PIN – 688 001
+ 91 477-2251349

Nehru trophy boat race 2015 schedule














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