kuttanad the netherlands of India

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Kuttanad- the netherlands of india

Kuttand is a region in Alappuzha with geography very similar to that in Holland (Netherlands) . Here the farming is done in paddy fields that are about two meters below sea level. The fields are covered with water during offseason, during the season the water is removed using water wheels and paddy is sown. Its the only part of India where below-sea-level farming is practiced
according to renowned agriculture scientist Dr. M S Swaminathan,
“We should develop Kuttanad into a globally important agriculture heritage site, as 150 years ago, the farmers started below-sea-level farming here. The method was developed by farmers and not by scientists and hence it was a heritage site





kuttanad fields
Notice the water level in the canal which is higher than the fields behind.


kuttanad rice field

kuttanad package





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