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YMCA kodukulanji poor fund

In line with the Programmes initiated for the 125th Jubilee Year of Kodukulanji YMCA, as per our Director Board decision, we have commenced a programme in helping Poor and Needy families of Kodukulanji, irrespective of caste and creed.

As and when we receive information and/or request to our Director Board regarding/from a Needy Family, same will be discussed, accessed and decided upon the help needed and enforced accordingly.

Any such help extended from YMCA will be notified to the Donors immediately thereafter with Documented Proof of Receipt.

Kindly send you donations to:
Beneficiary: YMCA Kodukulanji
Account Number: 12020100000623
IFSC Code: FDRL0001202
Bank: The Federal Bank Ltd., Kodukulanji. P. O.,
Taluk - Chengannur, Dist - Alapuzha,
Kerala - 689508

Mode of Payment: By Bank to Bank Transfer, Online Transaction, Demand Draft, Crossed Account Payee Check, or through your home in Kodukulanji.

Yours Sincerely

For and On Behalf of
Patron(Rev Chandy Jose), President(K P Philip) and Director Board Members
of YMCA Kodukulanji

Bejoy Chenkal(John Philip)
Ph: +91-479-2369508
Mob: +91-9496333353
Email: John Philip <bejoychenkel@hotmail.com>

Email ID of K P Philip, President: K.P Philip <philipkadackel@gmail.com>









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